Questions for Energy market

Q. Why is the price higher when buying with a bot at certain times than on the website?

Case 1: Please double-check the Target address, as discrepancies in the target address may result in price differences.

Case 2: This situation is commonly encountered, mainly because the purchasing processes on our bot and website differ. When buying on the website, you can set the lowest possible price, equivalent to the possibility that the order may not match 100%. On the other hand, when using the bot, we always set it to purchase at the "MEDIUM" price to ensure that all bot purchases are matched 100%. In the majority of cases, the prices on the bot and website will be the same, only when the system runs out of resources will the bot's price be higher than the website's.

Q. What is Tron Energy and Bandwidth?

Tron Energy and Bandwidth are acquired by locking TRX tokens, resulting in the generation of additional tokens during the lock period. When you freeze your TRX tokens, they become inaccessible for trading, purchasing, or selling until they are unfrozen after a specified number of days.

As a reward for freezing TRX tokens, the TRON wallet grants users Bandwidth, a resource that grants certain actions with the frozen tokens. Additionally, users are also rewarded with Energy, an exclusive feature of TRON. TRON Energy can only be obtained by freezing TRX tokens for Bandwidth, as reported by TRX News. Both resources serve specific purposes in the development and management of smart contracts. TRON Energy represents a unit of CPU resource consumption within the TRX network. TRON Bandwidth and Energy are crucial for users engaging in the creation and execution of smart contracts.

Q. How to get energy?

Method 1: Burn TRX

If the account does not have enough energy, TRX will be automatically burned during the transfer to deduct the bandwidth and energy required for the transfer. Compared to consuming energy, burning TRX is obviously not cost-effective.

Method 2: Freeze TRX

Open the Tron resource management interface (, select the type of resource you want to obtain, and enter the amount of TRX to be frozen, the energy obtained = frozen TRX / total network obtained energy frozen total TRX * total energy limit. (This is based on the fixed energy evenly distributed by the frozen TRX to all users), the frozen TRX can be thawed and retrieved after 14 days. Consider this method if you have a lot of idle TRX.

Method 3: Buy Energy

The handling fee can be saved by buying energy through the platform. Purchasing energy does not require freezing a large amount of TRX or burning more TRX and can save up to 92% of the handling fee.

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