How To Deposit

Step 1: Get Deposit address

  • You can copy the 'Address' directly in the User Info or select the 'Deposit' button to get the Address and QR code.

Step 2: Deposit by transfer TRX

  • Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code to get the receiving address.

  • Enter the amount of TRX you want to transfer (Note: The minimum deposit is 10 TRX).

  • Click 'Sign' to confirm the money transfer transaction.

  • Your first deposit will require an additional fee of approximately 1 TRX to activate the new address.

  • You can make 2 deposit transactions with TRX per day without fees. Afterward, each additional deposit will incur a 0.3 TRX fee.

Step 3: Waiting

  • After successfully depositing funds, click the "Update" button to refresh the data. The balance and time will be updated automatically and display the latest information.

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