Buy energy with API key

1. Get deposit address and API key

  • Click View detail button and Sign

  • The API key and deposit address will be displayed.

2. Deposit by transfer TRX

  • Click "Top up" button to get address

  • Transfer TRX to this address (Note: The minimum deposit is 10 TRX)

  • Your first deposit will require an additional fee of approximately 1 TRX to activate the new address.

  • You can make 2 deposit transactions with TRX per day without fees. Afterward, each additional deposit will incur a 0.3 TRX fee.

  • Sign to confirm transaction

  • Click "Update balance" button to get new balance

(*) Note: If you want change API key, you can select "Revoke" to create new API key.

  • We do not recommend changing the API key. Please only revoke it if absolutely necessary

3. Buy Energy

You can read the instructions for buying energy here.

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