Our referral program is officially launched with unlimited benefits. Referrers can invite a friend earn rewards by 5% of the total value of the order from the referee’s.

5 Basic Steps of a Referral Program

Step 1: Connect wallet

Step 2: Click "Referral" button

  • Step 3: Enter your Sponsor Code (Optional)

If you receive a Sponsor link, please visit Tronsave using the URL you just received.

  • Step 4: Generate your code (Required)

  • Step 5: Click "Confirm" button

Your rewards & Stats

[ 1 ] Click on the "Copy" icon to get your referral link

[ 2 ] Statistics of your referral program.

[ 3 ] Click "History" button to view Reward history.

When the user create order you would earn rewards from them.

The rewards will be distributed as TRX every Monday with minimum is 10 TRX.

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