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Sell Energy

1. Sell Manual

  • You can only Sell Manual when the created orders have not been automatically matched.
Step 1: Check the buy order and click “Sell” to your desired order
Click "Sell" button
Step 2: Enter the delegate amount you want.
Step 3: (Optional): Setting payment: You can change the interest payment address for your manual energy sale order by selecting "Setting payment", then entering the receiving address.
Step 4: (Optional): You can grant another the right to delegate your Energy with the MultiSign feature on the Sell Manual option.
  • Click "MultiSign Delegating" button.
  • In the Fill order table, complete the following fields:
[1] Enter MultiSign Account: This is the address that has delegated authority to you.
[2] To delegate amount: Enter the amount of energy you want to sell.
Additionally, you can also set the receiving address under "Setting payment".
Step 5: After filling in all the desired fields, click "Fill" to execute the sell order.

2. Automatic Sell

Step 1: Connect with TRON wallet

Connect with Tron wallet
Click "Get profit now" button
Ensure you have at least 500,000 energy in your wallet.
(*)Note: If you don't have enough available energy, you can read the guide "Stake TRX" to stake energy here.

Step 2: Give permissions to our address.

Granting permission to TronSave will allow the system to automatically sell your Energy.
You can grant permissions to the Tronsave system in two ways:
  • Permission Auto: You can give Permission Auto by clicking on "Give Permission". Auto guide
  • Permission Manual: You can give permission Manual by following the manual guide clicking on "Manual". Manual guide

Step 3: Add the pool into our system.

Set the necessary conditions for your sell orders. We will automatically sell Energy based on the conditions you set with a profit share is 75%.
Setup your Pool