Tronsave Features

Buy sell TRON energy service

Best price Tron Energy Exchange, conveniently rent Tron Energy for both users and projects on Tron.

  • Easily and conveniently buy Tron Energy with the best price.

  • Saving up to 92% transaction fees on TRON.

  • Gain high APY by selling Energy from your staked TRX.

Tronsave SDK

The Tronsave SDK provides solutions from onboarding to user engagement for a decentralised application (dApp) in a non-custodial way. It is a one-stop solution to enable an effortless experience in your dApp as it eases onboarding for new users and abstracts away transaction complexities that your users face on a daily basis. This is enabled using Smart Contract Wallets (SCW) built on top of our multi-chain Relayer Infrastructure.

What is possible?

Tronsave SDK brings blockchain-agnostic, web2-like experiences to your dApp in a non-custodial manner. Here's what you can enable today:

  • Gas Enterprise: dApps can sponsor gas fees to make user interactions as simple as web2 transactions.

  • Gas paid WTRX : Users can utilise any WTRX asset in their wallet to pay gas fees.

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