Get Internal Account Info

To using this feature you must have API key. Read at here to know how to get our API key

Get account info by API key


Get account info by api-key

    id: string, //internal account id
    balance: string, //internal account balance in sun
    represent_address: string, //represent of internal account as requester of order
    deposit_address: string, 


  "apikey": <YOUR_API_KEY>

Example Code

const GetAccountInfo = async (api_key) => {
    const url = ``
    const data = await fetch(url, {
        headers: {
            'apikey': api_key
    const response = await data.json()
     * Example response 
     * @link
        "id": "user_id",
        "balance": "1000000",
        "represent_address": "TKVSaJQDWeKFSEXmA44pjxduGTxy999999",
        "deposit_address": "TKVSaJQDWeKFSEXmA44pjxduGTxy999999",
    return response

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