Quick extend

Followed by 4 easy steps to understand how to do it manually :

Step 1: Open Extend Order Tab

Firstly, you have to connect to our market by the address account through Tronlink or TokenPoket, ...

Scroll down to Extend Resource section and click to Extend now button

The Extend Order Tab will appear to look like this

Step 2: Select Target Address

In the first stage Select target, you need to choose one target address that will receive resources. We will use this address as input to scan all possible provider that has a relation with this target address.

You can select an address in 2 ways:

  1. Enter the exact address at the Other target input. If this target is a valid TRON address click to Next button for move to the next step

  2. In the table below we will show all suggested addresses for you. Just click on one of them to move to the next step

  • Select "Quick extend" option:

Step 3: Enter the extend condition milestones

Now you are in the Extend Section stage the display will look like

Enter the desired conditions one by one.

[ 1 ] Max price: The maximum price you can pay for extend or buy more orders.

[ 2 ] Extend duration: From the current time + Duration = The new expiration time of the order.

[ 3 ] Additional Amount: The amount of energy you want to buy more (Enter 0 if you don't want to buy more)

[ 4 ] Extend amount: The amount of energy you will extend.

If the Additional amount is 0, you will only be able to extend the duration. You can choose to extend from 1 day to 30 days from now.


Old delegated: A delegated 100k for B and expired at 3 days more

you choose extend duration is 5 days

New delegated: A delegated 100k for B and expired at 5 days more

If you want to Buy more, you must Extend and Buy. You can choose an additional amount from 100k up to the maximum available from the provider. The minimum extended amount can be selected from the total amount currently delegated by the providers you intend to buy from.


Old delegated: A delegated 100k for B and expired at 3 days more

you chose buy more equal 100k energy and extend duration is 5 days

New delegated: A delegated 200k for B and expired at 5 days more

Shows a summary of the total extended amount of all selected items and estimates the total payout for all requests.

Step 4: Confirm And Payout

At the Extend Order Details stage, we will summarize all extended requirements with the extended amount and extended payout. Please read carefully and click to Extend button to start signing the transfer transaction with the amount same as the extend payout to send your extend request.

Make sure the amount of the transfer transaction is same as the amount in Payout

After checking all the information, click on Sign transaction.

If everything is alright, the extend request is going to success. The popup success of extend request will appear and move to the Successfully stage.

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